Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodbye My Friend

So, today is the day. My last day of high school. EVER! I've finally done it. I've gone through four years of difficult schooling and hard times to only come out on top. Today, my most upsetting thing is not that I have to say goodbye to friends, or even that I'm leaving the school that I've loved/hated for so long. No. The saddest thing is that I have to turn in my lap top. I've had a laptop at my hands for the last four years. We've been through dells and Toshiba's. Now. I'm going to college and I have to actually go buy my own laptop. There is no running to the help desk with laptop in hand as I'm getting the blue screen of death to prove that "look, it really, really, really is crashing this time!". There will be no more trying to convince the help desk that I need a new keyboard, well, because I don't like the way this one types (shout out dell laptop). It's only fair to say that I've relied on the help desk a LOT in my four years here. It'll be different going to school where if I miss class I can't just ask someone to send me notes (because everyone doesn't type everything) and I can't just be like "Hey you want to put that on common for me?!" ...this is because there will be no common. It'll be interesting to see how much things change, but I'm ready for whatever college throws to me. 


Karen said...

You'll be fine. I'm sorry you lost your four year best friend.

kirstyb said...

yay for finishing high school x


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