Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bonnaroo: Coming Soon

Just some bands I'm looking forward to seeing at Bonnaroo! 

The Black Keys: 

Mumford And Sons: 

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy: 

Florence and the Machine:

Best Coast:

The Arcade Fire:

Cold War Kids:

But like I said, these are just a few.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

 Oh you know, just a normal Friday night with friends
1.   If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go      to my grandpaws camp in Cocodrie, because it is the most wonderful place in the world  and I would bring     friends and family, that way we could make so many sweet summer memories.

2.  Something I often rant about is   little things that annoy me sometimes. Like the way people drive, especially here in Louisiana. ITS. SO. TERRIBLE.

3.  One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is     pickles. I love love love them...a little to much.

4.  My "life-saving" product is  chapstick, because I have this really terrible habit of biting my lip.

5.  A friend is someone who     knows just how terrible you can be sometimes but loves you anyway.

6.  If I could write my own blank it would be    the one person I want to see/meet more than anyone in the world right now _______ .

7.  My favorite kind of art is       photography.The simple way that a camera can capture an image is so breathtaking. Photography is a beautiful subject that moves me more than anything else. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Best of Friends

This song has been the soundtrack of my life for the past few weeks. I love it. My friend Crabs (nickname, of course) introduced me to Bon Iver last summer and I completely fell in love. Which brings us to this sumer. Although summer just began, I've already had some of the best nights of the year. A few days ago a group of six of us met up at Coffee Call, our favorite hangout for beignets and coffe, and just sat around and talked for an hour or so. After that, we all piled into one car and just drove. Drove around the city without a destination. We drove for at least an hour or two. Six of us piled into one car and just sat and talked and laughed. Words cannot even explain how much I love these people and what I would give to spend everyday all summer with them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Weekend Full of ......

Movies! This weekend not only did I see Bridesmaids but I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4. My friend Cab is obsessed with the Pirates movies so when this one came out it was a no brainer that we had to go see it, at the midnight premier no less. And Elliot (boyfriend) really wanted to see Bridesmaids, so who I was I to say no! First things first, Pirates

This movie was actually a lot different from the past movies. In this Pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbarossa race to find the fountain of youth. Blackbeard and his daughter are also in the race. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed it. I had a few questions but it isn't something that could easily be pointed out; little things really. However it does have some similarities. Although Orlando and Keira aren't in the movie there's still a love story. All in all though I really did enjoy the movie. 

Up next: Bridesmaids

Let me just say, I had no idea what this movie was going to be like. For me, it was one of those movies that looked good, but I wasn't sure that I really wanted to see it. I am so glad that I did. This movie was sooooo good! Basically Annie was picked to be Lillian's maid of honor out of a group of very different women. This movie will make you laugh so hard and make you want to killl one of the girls! All in all it was a very good weekend filed with movies, laughter and friends. 

Now back to work D:  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summer!

The best thing about summer is the free time, hands down. This summer I plan on spending my free time (while at work of course) on pinterest, reading books [and hopefully putting a dent in my Barnes and Nobles wishlist], perfect decorating cookies and cakes, learning how to sew, knit and cross stich, and finally having fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Year Down, Three to Go!

So I survived. I survived my first year of college undergrad. This year has been a whirlwind, that's for sure. 
From Saturday nights in Death Valley

Thursday Night Exchanges and other sorority functions

staying up late, studying hard, meeting a slew of new people, and forgetting to sleep. This past year has been an unforgettable one. I cannot express the love that I have for the sorority I'm in. Going through everything has been so much easier knowing there is always someone to talk to.  There have been good days and bad days,  but we lived through them. 

Honestly, I didn't know how my first year was going to go. I was terrified and above all just so ready to be in the "real world". I didn't do too shabby! I passed all my classes, and actually did well in them. Now time to relax and just embrace summer for everything it's worth.

Monday, May 16, 2011

World, Meet Yoda.

Yoda, meet the world. 
If you haven't already guessed, Yoda is my 6 week old baby kitten. He's adorable and I want nothing more to sit at home all day and play with him. Unfortunatley, I have work from 8-5 today. BUT as soon as I get home I will be playing with him. 
Don't let this picture fool you, he's super fistey, and adorable.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week of Death. Aka Finals Week

Oh god. It's here. Finals week. I've taken three exams already and I have three more to go. So much stress and lack of sleep. All is well. I have one more Wednesday at 7:30 am....dear god..., one at 3:00 Thursday and one at noon on Saturday. 

Here's something adorable to make you smile. 

Best of luck to everyone who has to take them as well. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Music of the Moment

I've been listening to Adele on repeat for the last few days now. This song moves me so deeply and brings so many different emotions. I love her so much. This song is such an amazing song and I've been listening to it on repeat while preparing for my first exams!

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love

As much as I'm in much need of a weekend, I just want to skip over the next week and weekend. I have finals this coming week which means that this weekend will be filled with nothing but studying. On the bright side, the studying will be done in New Orleans with E. So excited. 

Also I have to move out my dorm next saturday (YAY!). So gathering all of my belongings and bringing them home is happening today. Literally all I have left is 7 days worth of clothes, food and my fridge...well and office supplies...but everything else is empty. 

Now on a positive note: Fill in the Blank Friday 

1.   What I love most about my home is    it's new and we just moved there, and I got to paint my room. Also, because it's so close to E's house. Love that the most. OH and it's cozy.

2.  I'm excited because,  in just one week I'll be done with my freshman year of college.

3.  My preferred method for blowing  off steam when I'm frustrated is   crying or going to the gym. I love crying when I'm sad, but going to the gym when I'm angry. Just depends really.

4.  Currently I am craving   celery and cupcakes....odd I know .

5.  The thing I love most about my mom is     she's the exact copy of me. We get a long really well. I love her. ... oh yeah, and she puts up with my nonsense for the most part. She's got a cute little blog as well.

6.  If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be       Never Surrender. I've been through a lot and the thing that has kept me going is just knowing that I'm in control, for the most part.

7.  If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be    grilled cheese, all the way. I love it so so so much. Could eat it all day every day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picture This....

Warning: Forgive me for this, but you're about to experience a total sorority freak out over here. I promise it doesn't happen tooo often. 

So, picture this. One of your favorite designers tells you you're going to design a special pattern for you and your closest group of friends, but first you have to go through a crazy process with a bunch of different people. Well that's basically what happened to me for the last month. Lilly Pulitzer announced about a month ago that they were going to be creating new sorority fabrics for the top three sororities that gain the most votes. First round cut down more than 20 sororities down to 9 different sororities. Then after that, the next five were announced. Yeah, that's right five. What was originally supposed to be only three was now five. 

As I waited in anticipation for the announcement to be made, I was freaking out. I've never wanted to get something so badly in my life....well this is probably an exaggeration...BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Theta deserves this SO much. So, two o'clock strikes (when they were going to announce it our time), and they haven't posted. Literally took five minutes, which felt like a life time. I sat and clicked and refreshed and refreshed. Then finally around 3:05-3:10 it was announced. Theta was in the top five. Now I was in class and couldn't really get so excited but I had two of my sisters in front of me and we all looked at each other with beaming faces. Kinda like this: 

It may seem a little shallow, but it was such a proud moment for us. Lilly has already designed four other sorority patterns and this is such a great honor to know that they have chosen Theta as one of the next sororities to get a Lilly pattern. 

Congratulations to all the other sororities who gained a Lilly print today. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear SelfControl App, 
I understand that you and I have a love/hate relationship but it's nothing personal. Really. 

If you have a Mac, you may/may not want to know about this app. I found it yesterday and have used it so much ever since. (You can find it here). Basically what it does is it makes sure, for however long the allotted time you give it, that you don't procrastinate. Now I admit, I don't have the best self control when it comes to studying for exams. Usually I end up like this: 

Or even sometimes (read: majority of times) this

So, when I found this little gem I had to try it. Oh my goodness did it work. I got an obscene amount of study guides done, which for me is a feat in itself. 

My recommendation: get the app. try it. It works miracles. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...Really, weather?

Yesterday, the high was in the upper 80s. Today, the high is in the fifties. The lower fifties. 
I am in sweat pants, a long shirt and a jacket and STILL freezing. It doesn't help that it's raining. 

This is my "I am not amused, in the least" face. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Wrapup!

This weekend was a good weekend. I sat outside and did homework the majority of the day Saturday, but it was pretty so it's okay. And really just spent the weekend preparing myself for exams. Unfortunatnely, this is what I'll be doing again tonight and the next week. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and E came in town to spend some time with me before exams. Just two more weeks before I get to see him again!


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