Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear SelfControl App, 
I understand that you and I have a love/hate relationship but it's nothing personal. Really. 

If you have a Mac, you may/may not want to know about this app. I found it yesterday and have used it so much ever since. (You can find it here). Basically what it does is it makes sure, for however long the allotted time you give it, that you don't procrastinate. Now I admit, I don't have the best self control when it comes to studying for exams. Usually I end up like this: 

Or even sometimes (read: majority of times) this

So, when I found this little gem I had to try it. Oh my goodness did it work. I got an obscene amount of study guides done, which for me is a feat in itself. 

My recommendation: get the app. try it. It works miracles. 

1 comment:

Kaycie said...

SWEET! I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the tip!


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