Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Best of Friends

This song has been the soundtrack of my life for the past few weeks. I love it. My friend Crabs (nickname, of course) introduced me to Bon Iver last summer and I completely fell in love. Which brings us to this sumer. Although summer just began, I've already had some of the best nights of the year. A few days ago a group of six of us met up at Coffee Call, our favorite hangout for beignets and coffe, and just sat around and talked for an hour or so. After that, we all piled into one car and just drove. Drove around the city without a destination. We drove for at least an hour or two. Six of us piled into one car and just sat and talked and laughed. Words cannot even explain how much I love these people and what I would give to spend everyday all summer with them.


wilybrunette said...

oh i really do need to listen to more bon iver. so glad your summer is off to a good start. i hope mine gets there as well!

Tucker said...

those are the times summer is made of! love bon iver.


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