Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Days

Rain. Not only just a slight storm, an outright downpour. It just started oh, about 10 minutes ago. So now, I'm sitting in class waiting for the next bell to ring and wondering how I'm going to walk all the way across campus to get to my next class.Of course I didn't bring an umbrella. Usually, I'll keep one in my car, but then again it usually never comes to school with me. Oh well....Wish I could be at home, snuggled up in bed, watching movies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flip Flops

Personally, I'm a believer of a girl can have too many flip flops. Which is maybe why I just went out and bought six, yes that's right six pairs of flip flops. But no need to worrry! They were all from Old Navy, and super comfortable I might add, and they were only $3.50 for one pair or 2 for $5.00. I think I may be going back later in the summer to get some more. I had to by the basics brown, white and black. However, I also got some fun colors like dark silver, gold and blue! My feet will be in heaven this summer! Now time to invest in dressy flip flops.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Seeing as yesterday was the second day of spring, I found it quite necessary for some spring cleaning. Well, I only really deep cleaned my room but it's all good! I dusted and vacuumed, washed my sheets and went through my closet and drawers to find items that I don't use anymore to either give to St. Vincent De Paul, my sister or the trash can. Although it took me forever and a year, because I decided to procrastinate and do other things at the same time, I now feel better (and have a cleaner) room. Next up: the bathroom. Dun dun dun. It's a war-zone considering it's shared by two completely opposite teenage girls.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Rush or Not To Rush

...that is the question that has been looming in my mind for the last few weeks now. I don't remember who, put someone put the idea in my head that it would be a good idea to rush. Now, don't get me wrong, I kinda sorta want to but at the same time, the first year is a lot of money. Let's put it this way the fees all tend to end up being about $2500-2700 for the first year and then $1300-$1500 for future years, both including one chapter meal a week at the house, house usage, activity fees, but not including living in the house.  Now, I'll also be working and a full time student. I wish I knew what to do. I think I'm going to start getting letters of recommendations and then go from there! 


Procrastination must be my middle name. I procrastinate every weekend to do my homework. I keep putting it off then WHAM here comes Sunday and I still haven't done my homework, cleaned my room, or packed for the beach. AND on top of that I need to wash my clothes. So, just like every other Sunday I'll be in my room, studying (read: cramming). Oh well, for some reason it got freezing cold again today. At least I'm not missing out on a pretty day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Look To You

I don't know why, but the song When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus gets stuck in my head all too often. I read the book, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, before I knew about the movie and before I knew Miley Cyrus was in it. I laughed, cried and loved the book. My heart shattered but it taught me a lesson. Well, as much as I don't want to see it because of Miley, I really want to see this movie. I know the screenplay was written before the book, but I loved the book so much I have to see it...Too scared that it might ruin it, but I'm up for it! 

Favorite Quote: Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't mean you love them any less, sometimes it makes you love them even more. 

Here's the trailer, if you care to see Miley's oh so wonderful (read: okayish) acting:  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I read the book Eat, Pray, Love a year or so ago. I absolutely loved it. I'm not a big person on organized religion, but I have faith. I know what I believe in and what I don't believe in. I know what I stand for and what I won't stand for. I love food, all foods. I'll pretty much try anything once. And I believe that you should love with everything you've got because although your love for one person may not last forever, you need to live in the moment and love the one you're with. I pretty much can't wait for this movie to come out. Just sayin' (: 

Heres a trailor in case you wanted to see it too:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Knees on Ice

So, I'll be the first to admit, I'm stubborn. Not just a little stubborn, VERY stubborn. Well, tonight at dance I completely woke up late in a rush to get out the door I threw on my leotard and just went (luckily my shoes were in my car). However, the one most important thing I forgot. My knee braces. Let's just say I have kinda sorta bad knees (read: absolutely horrible). The thing is, I was warned: from now on, bring your knee braces to class. Ha. Ha. Ha. That didn't happen. So now, I'm paying for it. From hitting my knees on the ground so many times I have bruises and they're aching, but hey I have two bottles of Aleeve, one in my booksack and one in my purse.  Lesson learned.  Never leave house without braces. 

Job Shadowing Day

Today is the day. Job shadowing day. What do you think of when you hear about this? Well, first I thought "Oh my god, this is going to be a great experience." WRONG. All I can think of before I go out today is "oh god is this really what I want to do with the rest of my life? What if it's not? What will I do if I don't love this as much as I want to?" Well, that's why I'm going Job Shadow a graphic designer. See, I want to be an architect, but something came up with the architect I was supposed to be job shadowing. Therefore, I'm going with my third career choice. (See it goes architecture, interior design, graphic design; I will do something in design). So instead of thinking how awesome this day is going to be, job shadowing a graphic designer all I can think about is the paper and thank you letter I have to write when I get home. Even though this is a requirement for graduation, everything always involves some type of paper. Oh well. Here's a picture of my absolute favorite type of architecture. That would be Roman architecture :) Have a splendid day!

PS: I want to be able to design/build stuff like this SO bad !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Dream of Clothes

These are just a few things that I want for this spring. (:


All pictures from Forever21.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Art Thou Spring Break?

Oh spring break, I need you! I cannot wait until Spring Break. So excited to be going to the beach with a friend and escape from silly ole Louisiana. So far today I've already made a list of everything that I need to pack and what time we should leave in the morning and what time we're going to get there and where we're going to stop along the way. Also, I've already picked out some swimsuits that I'm going to get (hopefully) this Friday ! 

Op - Juniors String Bikini This pink swimsuit from walmart (gotta love the bright colors)

This hat from Forever 21

And many many more swimsuits. I cannot wait!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Graduation Etiquette

Graduation Etiquette. Something that everyone who's graduated/graduating should know, correct? Well, I didn't have a single clue on even how to begin. So, what did I do? I googled it (: Trusty google. Well here's what I came up with: 

When to send them: For those not attending the party then mail the announcements from 2 weeks before and up to 2 weeks after the graduation.

The Envelopes: Should be addressed in black or blue ink. The outer envelope should be formally addressed. The inner envelope should be addressed informally. Avoid using abbreviations on the envelope. Place the announcement in the smaller envelope, folded edge inserted first, with the announcement front facing the flap. You may fasten the flap using a foil etiquette seal, or leave it untucked.

If you receive any gift: Always write a thank you note, however, if you send one it should be no later than 1 month after graduation. Try and say what you are going to do with the money, and show appreciation for the gift. 

I was talking to my friend Lauren, and she has about 150 people that she has to send them out to, so she's already begun to write out her invitations. Me, I don't have nearly that many but I've decided to start writing them just to get the process over with and make it seem like less of a chore. Oh goodness, it seems as if there is so much to get done before graduating, but I can't wait (: !

Thursday, March 11, 2010

As the Year Comes to an End

Today we picked up Graduation Announcements. Yeah, that's right Graduation Announcements. This is it. We actually did it (almost). The nine-weeks is winding down and we only have about 7 more weeks to go (not including spring break or anything to that nature). I'm so freaking ready to get out and be on my own in the real world in college. It's so exciting to be able to say "HEY GUESS WHAT, I made it through 4 years of hell!". Well not literally, but it so seems like it at times. At my school, there are times where you just want to break down and cry because of the work-load that they put on you. In my case, I've stopped caring. (Thanks senioritis). But hey, I still have all 90's and above...well, except physics. But when it comes down to it. I don't care that I may have to take all my exams because I haven't made straight A's or the fact that I only have a few weeks to find a white dress. I'm just glad to be almost done. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Oscars

So, I'm guilty of watching the Oscars, and when I say watching I mean leaving it on all day since 1:00pm so that I can check out all the latest fashions and nonsense. I'm not usually into these kinds of things, but this year I actually decided to watch the awards show. It was great. I'll definitly be watching again next year. Now, for my favorite part: the fashions. 

Ana Kendrick: I love, love, loved her dress! I thought it was beautiful and that she looked gorgeous!
Anna Kendrick

Kristen Stewart: Although I didn't really love her dress, my jaw hit the floor when I saw that not only was she wearing a dress, but she was wearing a LONG dress. If only she could learn to stand up straight...I guess one step at a time. 
Kriste  Stewart

Amanda Seyfried: This girl can do no wrong in my eyes. 
Amanda Seyfried

Rachel McAdams: I fell in love with her during The Notebook, and ever since then I've loved her ever since. I love this dress on her. It's beautiful. 
Rachel McAdams

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Supernatural Patience Graces Her Face and Her Voice Never Raises

So today's post is about a topic a little more serious than I've posted before. Today, we had an amazing speaker come and talk to us about drunk driving and drugs. Turns out her story is very touching. She drove drunk/high and almost lost her life. Instead, she just lost her left arm. Luckily she didn't harm anyone else. Her name is Sarah (at the time I can't remember her last name). Well as she began, she had a slide show. I didn't make it through it. As it began I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed and just getting worked up. 

Why you may ask? Well, because of what happened this summer. Last July one of my best friends Catie (I call her Twin, which is another story) got in an almost fatal accident. Her dad was driving her to her aunts house, literally 2 miles away when all of the sudden they got in an accident. A bad accident. The girl that was driving the opposite car had her little brother (or something like that) in the passenger seat. She had to be speeding in her car, because when they were going around the bend she was in the wrong lane. Twin's lane. Twin's dad tried to correct and get in the other lane so they wouldn't hit but at the last second the other girl tried to correct herself also and got back into the other lane. All the sudden the passenger's side of both of the cars collided. I don't know about the other car, but Twin's car was messed up badly, and it was an Ford F250. Big truck with a crumple floor to reduce the impact and slow down the collision. Twin's knees were by her face, thank god she had her seatbelt on, and they had to use the jaws of life to cut her out.

It's about 8:30, maybe a little later, when I got the call from her mom. Catie's in the hospital and it's not good. At that second, there was no second thinking. I jumped into my car as fast as I could and got to the hospital. Twin was in the TNCC (I think. Trauma Neuro critical care). The first visiting session was for family only. Only Mah (That's what I call Catie's Mom) and I were allowed to go. I hadn't started crying yet. I couldn't. It hadn't hit me that this was really happening. She's my best friend. She's my family. This can't be happening. As soon as I got into the room, she saw me and started crying. She was so beat up and she looked so bad. I hardly recognized her at first. (Side note: In stressful situations if I get overwhelmed I will pass out). Well, go figure. As it was coming time to go, I got so upset and overwhelmed that I passed out. I was told that she had lacerations on her face, her jaw was broken in two places, her neck might be harmed but they're not sure, she had slight swelling of the brain, three teeth knocked out and at least 4 cracked, a slight puncture in her lung, a sprained wrist, a shattered ankle on one side and a cracked ankle on the other side and a few broken ribs. That night I slept in the waiting room. The next day sucked, trying to wait and only being able to see her during the times they allowed. She was in the TNCC for about 5 days. I never left her side at that point. I had work during the day every now and then and would have to be called in. The day after it happened I had to go into work and I couldn't stop crying all day. The next day they let me have off to stay with her.

After those 5 days, she got her own room. I stayed there with her for the 1 1/2 weeks that she was there. Only leaving her side to go to work. When I was gone and she would wake up she would always ask "Where's my ria, where's twin". Hearing this when I came back broke my heart. It was a hard time being there. There were many times she would cry she hurt so bad. She went through surgery to put pins in her ankles, and to wire her jaw shut. She was going to have to go through another one to put a pin in her hip but it healed by itself.Then when she began physical therapy it was hard seeing her hurt but so rewarding to watch her try and walk again. After she got out the hospital, I spent a week with her at her house helping her do mundane tasks such as drinking water, eating, or even just going to the bathroom and walking. I kept her busy playing video games, watching movies, playing UNO and other such things. We even took her to a friends wedding! With the help of her sister (she's 26 I think) we had her busy. 

Twin is finally out of a wheelchair and off of a walker and walking by herself! (Aside from an ankle brace she's required to wear). She's got brand new teeth to and her jaw's unwired. She's got permanent teeth now and she looks awesome.She's partially considered to be a miracle. The way the truck was bent, she shouldn't have made it. But she did. To this day, I can't talk about what happened to greatly. Whenever I try to say anything aloud I get chocked up and start crying. She's so strong and I admire her big time. Whenever I hear the song, Supernatural by Flyleaf (Acoustic version). It reminds me of her and her strength. I love you Twin.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Recap

Yesterday. The most wonderful day of the entire year. Anyone who goes to my school knows this. Challenge Day. 

The day started out great, besides actually having to do a little bit of work, the day was pretty lax. 4 and 6th hour I pretty much stayed outside and got ampt with my senior class. We practiced out butts off. Now to the good part: The Challenge. The seniors got to line up at 3:30 to "walk" over to our brother school. Needless to say we were pretty much all fired up way before then and all way ready to go. By 3:15 they were having a hard time controlling us and keeping us down. So finally when 3:30 rolled around, we were anxious. We were told not to run...but really you're trying to tell 150 girls not to run to the greatest moment of our school year? By the time we were almost there the teachers pretty much couldn't control us anymore and we took off. After throwing our tickets at the person at the door we stormed through their campus and took over. 

Now, when I say we got off to a rough start, it was BADDDD. Like, really bad. The first game was the Ping Pong Transfer. Basically you have to run across the basketball court from one end to the other will balancing a ping pong on top of a 2 L coke bottle (no coke in it and no cap on it). If you drop it before you reach the half court mark you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Then if you drop it after you reach the half court line, you have to go back to half court. We lost was horrible. Our nerves were getting the best of us and nobody could concentrate. Boys 1 vs. Girls 0

Next was the Volleyball Game. Now our volleyball team was first in state. The first game we won, quite easily to be honest. And the second game we lost, but only by 3 points. We were devastated.  The third game, we came back with a vengeance and completely kicked their asses.  Boys 1 - Girls 1

Then came the three legged race.  We took ahead at first and then the boys beat us out at the last second. It was slightly frightening when the last girls team to go hit the wall (it's padded of course) and then the girl in the middle fell down and couldn't get back up. She just hit a little too hard, but she ended up getting up and cheering on her team. Boys 2 - Girls 1

Fourth, the Clothes Swap. There are six different types of clothes (1 girls uniform, 1 boys uniform, 2 pairs of sweats and 2 pairs of pants/shirts). You have to run to the other side of the court and put the clothes on and only when the moderator says you're ready can you go.  It was so close, but the girls ended up winning by a full court (: ! Boys 2 - Girls 2

Then came the Basketball Shootout. Basically you have to stand at the free throw line and continuous make baskets while people are trying to throw you off. It was epic. First two girls got out. Then three boys got out. Finally it came down to one girl and two boys. Then one boy got out. Then the girl got out but at the same time the boy got out. The last shot however, the girl  missed and the boy made it making it Boys 3 - Girls 2. 

Random fact: We're all on edge by this point....

Next, the Memory Game.  Remember that game you use to play as a child? Well we made it a bigger version. The cars were on the size of a poster board, and they were set up from half court down. It was so close, about two matches close. Boys 3 - Girls 3. 

Now for the time when 15 seniors from the girls school and 15 seniors from the guys school are called at random for the Over-Under game. At this time, they got one time to practice outside and then you had to come in and just go. The girls clearly won the first time. And then the boys won barely by the second time. The third game, however, was so close it was insane. However, it was clear to everyone that the girls won. Everyone that is except for TWO of the judges (from the BOYS school). Even the other boys school judges said that the girls won. It took them what felt like 20 minutes of arguing to say that the girls won. When they did, we were all on the edge of tears. Boys 3 - Girls 4

The last game was The Egg Toss. Self-explanatory. The boys won though.. :( Boys 4-Girls 4

The last 3...yes that's right 3...points are about to be handed out. Spirit. One judge said that the boys were the most spirited, while the other judge said the girls were the most spirited. This means the score is Boys 5 - Girls 5. The last point goes to whomever was the loudest. And the winner, but .1 of a decimeter is THE GIRLS! THAT'S RIGHT WE WON.

After this was announced so much hugging, and screaming and crying went on that it was crazy. I can't even begin to tell you how much this mean to my senior class, and my school. My heart literally exploded. I cried and hugged my best friends. It's just such an amazing experience. I wish that everyone knew just how awesome it felt. I still can't stop smiling. It's just so awesome. 

We did it. We freaking won. We brought back the trophy fair and square. 

Friday, March 5, 2010


So it's Challenge Day. Needless to say I've been up since 5:40ish. We went to CC's (community coffee for those who aren't from Louisiana) and got a huge coffee and a muffin. We got to school at about 6:30 and ran to Senior Lot. We had a huge dance party, underclass men were walking around doing everyone's eye makeup (glitter eye makeup) and screamed and had a blast. The boys set up a "Man Cabin" at someones house directly across from Senior Lot. We had a few bears tied to sticks (our brother school aka the boy's we'll be challenging tonight are the bears) and one of the senior girls even had a huge valentines bear with a hole all the way through with a red stick and had even spray painted red next to the hole to make it bloody. (Our "mascot" is the "Red Stick"). 

At about 6:50 we all ran into the gym to practice for tonights games. The amount of adrenaline that is pumping through all of our bodies is amazing. There are about 1,000 girls and we're all so excited to beat the boys and take our trophy back! We've been screaming and running around and the day's just  begun!

Also, on another note, it's sweet-tooth day. This is the day when the freshman give their big sisters (the seniors) a huge basket of candy and other things. The seniors and freshmen are put into groups at the beginning of the year (big sis/lil sis) and we do things with each other throughout the year. I must say I have some of the best little sisters that there are. Our group is awesome. 

I'll keep this updated throughout the day, however I don't expect to get much done!

"Taking the MEN out of WOMYN since 1896!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amanda Seyfried

So lately, I've been slightly obsessed with Amanda Seyfried. I absolutely love her style. She's such a cute little person. She's one of the '50 Most Glamorous Women of 2010' according to I fell in love with her during Mamma Mia (I'm pretty much a sucker for musicals). Then I loved her acting in Dear John (although I thought the movie could be better; never fear, I'm reading the book now). One of her quotes is, "“A smoky eye and nice hair are not going to make my night any easier… I have to feel good on the inside to look glamorous". I totally agree with that. It doesn't matter to me if I have a ton of makeup on or if I don't have any make up on. If I feel good about the way I look then that's all that matters. One of my favorite outfits is sweatpants and my hair thrown back in a messy bun but then the next day I'll be wanting to wear a dress and some cute shoes.  


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Maddness

This is Challenge Week. I fully understand all the things that this entails (such as dressing up crazy, cheers at lunch, and games to get ready). However, this morning, I was not prepared for the traffic. Now, I have to leave my house by 6:15-6:20 if I want to get to school by 6:40-6:45 and if I leave any later than that, I will NOT get to school on time. Well today I'm just driving along, listening to Kid Kraddick In the Morning and all of the sudden as I turn down the street to pull into school BAM. A butt load of traffic. Now, about five minutes later I see all the girls getting out of their car and RUNNING toward school. The first thing that came to my mind...what the hell is going on today...did I miss something? 

Apparently todays the day for Sophomores and Juniors to buy their Challenge Day ticket (given that there are only 500 and there are about 1000 girls). I now fully understand this maddness and reminisce back to the time when it was my turn to line up outside and await to see if I got a ticket. It was freshman year, and I was determined to get a ticket with all of my friends. So, I got to school at 5:00 in the morning, yes, that's right 5:00.(This year there weren't many rules about buying tickets, only that you couldn't be on campus before 5:00). I was about the 40th person in line and scared to death that I wouldn't get my ticket. I remember it begin freezing cold and just standing there for what seemed like hours upon hours. Finally at 6:30 they started handing out tickets. I was one of the last 20 people to get one, and boy was I so happy about this. Every year since I've gotten a challenge day ticket. Senior year, all you had to do was go into the office at lunch and buy y our ticket. No stress, no worries. It was wonderful. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So You've Had A Bad Day

What do you do when you have a bad day? Well I'll tell you what I'm doing. Instead of facing my massive amounts of homework and many other tasks I should be doing, I made a cup of hot chocolate, subscribed to Vogue and am about to go take a nice, long relaxing bath. I think I may even start reading Dear John (yes, I saw the movie. No, I didn't like it. Why am I reading it? I heard the book surpassed the movie by far). So, have a good night, relax, take things easy. 


Toddler Tuesday

Today for Challenge Week the theme is Toddler Tuesday. What this means is that everyone is wearing pigtails and bows on top of their heads, lugging around their favorite teddy bear, and even some people have bibs/sippy cups and baby bottle pops! Although I didn't put my hair up or am lugging around my favorite teddy bear (who currently resides on my bed) I did bring my favorite blanket off of my bed. It's a fleece blanket that I ususally carry in my car with me. I've had it for a while and I love it. It's so comfy and makes me feel like I'm back in my warm, comfy bed (which I would love to be in right about now). 

Image via google images

Monday, March 1, 2010

Magical Monday

Today is the first day of Challenge Week: Magical Monday. I've seen girls dressed up from Harry Potter, and some are dressed like Faeries and then others unicorns and so on and so forth. I always love Challenge Week. However, it being a Monday I was not in any mood to dress up (I barely remembered to bring money for a ticket). If I could dress up though, I'd have to dress up as Tinkerbell. She's always been one of my favorites! 

Images: via google images


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