Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Art Thou Spring Break?

Oh spring break, I need you! I cannot wait until Spring Break. So excited to be going to the beach with a friend and escape from silly ole Louisiana. So far today I've already made a list of everything that I need to pack and what time we should leave in the morning and what time we're going to get there and where we're going to stop along the way. Also, I've already picked out some swimsuits that I'm going to get (hopefully) this Friday ! 

Op - Juniors String Bikini This pink swimsuit from walmart (gotta love the bright colors)

This hat from Forever 21

And many many more swimsuits. I cannot wait!

1 comment:

Crowngirl said...

That hat is too cute! I think you should buy it.
I wish spring break could come sooner, who doesn't need a break anyway?!


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