Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Supernatural Patience Graces Her Face and Her Voice Never Raises

So today's post is about a topic a little more serious than I've posted before. Today, we had an amazing speaker come and talk to us about drunk driving and drugs. Turns out her story is very touching. She drove drunk/high and almost lost her life. Instead, she just lost her left arm. Luckily she didn't harm anyone else. Her name is Sarah (at the time I can't remember her last name). Well as she began, she had a slide show. I didn't make it through it. As it began I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed and just getting worked up. 

Why you may ask? Well, because of what happened this summer. Last July one of my best friends Catie (I call her Twin, which is another story) got in an almost fatal accident. Her dad was driving her to her aunts house, literally 2 miles away when all of the sudden they got in an accident. A bad accident. The girl that was driving the opposite car had her little brother (or something like that) in the passenger seat. She had to be speeding in her car, because when they were going around the bend she was in the wrong lane. Twin's lane. Twin's dad tried to correct and get in the other lane so they wouldn't hit but at the last second the other girl tried to correct herself also and got back into the other lane. All the sudden the passenger's side of both of the cars collided. I don't know about the other car, but Twin's car was messed up badly, and it was an Ford F250. Big truck with a crumple floor to reduce the impact and slow down the collision. Twin's knees were by her face, thank god she had her seatbelt on, and they had to use the jaws of life to cut her out.

It's about 8:30, maybe a little later, when I got the call from her mom. Catie's in the hospital and it's not good. At that second, there was no second thinking. I jumped into my car as fast as I could and got to the hospital. Twin was in the TNCC (I think. Trauma Neuro critical care). The first visiting session was for family only. Only Mah (That's what I call Catie's Mom) and I were allowed to go. I hadn't started crying yet. I couldn't. It hadn't hit me that this was really happening. She's my best friend. She's my family. This can't be happening. As soon as I got into the room, she saw me and started crying. She was so beat up and she looked so bad. I hardly recognized her at first. (Side note: In stressful situations if I get overwhelmed I will pass out). Well, go figure. As it was coming time to go, I got so upset and overwhelmed that I passed out. I was told that she had lacerations on her face, her jaw was broken in two places, her neck might be harmed but they're not sure, she had slight swelling of the brain, three teeth knocked out and at least 4 cracked, a slight puncture in her lung, a sprained wrist, a shattered ankle on one side and a cracked ankle on the other side and a few broken ribs. That night I slept in the waiting room. The next day sucked, trying to wait and only being able to see her during the times they allowed. She was in the TNCC for about 5 days. I never left her side at that point. I had work during the day every now and then and would have to be called in. The day after it happened I had to go into work and I couldn't stop crying all day. The next day they let me have off to stay with her.

After those 5 days, she got her own room. I stayed there with her for the 1 1/2 weeks that she was there. Only leaving her side to go to work. When I was gone and she would wake up she would always ask "Where's my ria, where's twin". Hearing this when I came back broke my heart. It was a hard time being there. There were many times she would cry she hurt so bad. She went through surgery to put pins in her ankles, and to wire her jaw shut. She was going to have to go through another one to put a pin in her hip but it healed by itself.Then when she began physical therapy it was hard seeing her hurt but so rewarding to watch her try and walk again. After she got out the hospital, I spent a week with her at her house helping her do mundane tasks such as drinking water, eating, or even just going to the bathroom and walking. I kept her busy playing video games, watching movies, playing UNO and other such things. We even took her to a friends wedding! With the help of her sister (she's 26 I think) we had her busy. 

Twin is finally out of a wheelchair and off of a walker and walking by herself! (Aside from an ankle brace she's required to wear). She's got brand new teeth to and her jaw's unwired. She's got permanent teeth now and she looks awesome.She's partially considered to be a miracle. The way the truck was bent, she shouldn't have made it. But she did. To this day, I can't talk about what happened to greatly. Whenever I try to say anything aloud I get chocked up and start crying. She's so strong and I admire her big time. Whenever I hear the song, Supernatural by Flyleaf (Acoustic version). It reminds me of her and her strength. I love you Twin.

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