Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Recap

Yesterday. The most wonderful day of the entire year. Anyone who goes to my school knows this. Challenge Day. 

The day started out great, besides actually having to do a little bit of work, the day was pretty lax. 4 and 6th hour I pretty much stayed outside and got ampt with my senior class. We practiced out butts off. Now to the good part: The Challenge. The seniors got to line up at 3:30 to "walk" over to our brother school. Needless to say we were pretty much all fired up way before then and all way ready to go. By 3:15 they were having a hard time controlling us and keeping us down. So finally when 3:30 rolled around, we were anxious. We were told not to run...but really you're trying to tell 150 girls not to run to the greatest moment of our school year? By the time we were almost there the teachers pretty much couldn't control us anymore and we took off. After throwing our tickets at the person at the door we stormed through their campus and took over. 

Now, when I say we got off to a rough start, it was BADDDD. Like, really bad. The first game was the Ping Pong Transfer. Basically you have to run across the basketball court from one end to the other will balancing a ping pong on top of a 2 L coke bottle (no coke in it and no cap on it). If you drop it before you reach the half court mark you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Then if you drop it after you reach the half court line, you have to go back to half court. We lost was horrible. Our nerves were getting the best of us and nobody could concentrate. Boys 1 vs. Girls 0

Next was the Volleyball Game. Now our volleyball team was first in state. The first game we won, quite easily to be honest. And the second game we lost, but only by 3 points. We were devastated.  The third game, we came back with a vengeance and completely kicked their asses.  Boys 1 - Girls 1

Then came the three legged race.  We took ahead at first and then the boys beat us out at the last second. It was slightly frightening when the last girls team to go hit the wall (it's padded of course) and then the girl in the middle fell down and couldn't get back up. She just hit a little too hard, but she ended up getting up and cheering on her team. Boys 2 - Girls 1

Fourth, the Clothes Swap. There are six different types of clothes (1 girls uniform, 1 boys uniform, 2 pairs of sweats and 2 pairs of pants/shirts). You have to run to the other side of the court and put the clothes on and only when the moderator says you're ready can you go.  It was so close, but the girls ended up winning by a full court (: ! Boys 2 - Girls 2

Then came the Basketball Shootout. Basically you have to stand at the free throw line and continuous make baskets while people are trying to throw you off. It was epic. First two girls got out. Then three boys got out. Finally it came down to one girl and two boys. Then one boy got out. Then the girl got out but at the same time the boy got out. The last shot however, the girl  missed and the boy made it making it Boys 3 - Girls 2. 

Random fact: We're all on edge by this point....

Next, the Memory Game.  Remember that game you use to play as a child? Well we made it a bigger version. The cars were on the size of a poster board, and they were set up from half court down. It was so close, about two matches close. Boys 3 - Girls 3. 

Now for the time when 15 seniors from the girls school and 15 seniors from the guys school are called at random for the Over-Under game. At this time, they got one time to practice outside and then you had to come in and just go. The girls clearly won the first time. And then the boys won barely by the second time. The third game, however, was so close it was insane. However, it was clear to everyone that the girls won. Everyone that is except for TWO of the judges (from the BOYS school). Even the other boys school judges said that the girls won. It took them what felt like 20 minutes of arguing to say that the girls won. When they did, we were all on the edge of tears. Boys 3 - Girls 4

The last game was The Egg Toss. Self-explanatory. The boys won though.. :( Boys 4-Girls 4

The last 3...yes that's right 3...points are about to be handed out. Spirit. One judge said that the boys were the most spirited, while the other judge said the girls were the most spirited. This means the score is Boys 5 - Girls 5. The last point goes to whomever was the loudest. And the winner, but .1 of a decimeter is THE GIRLS! THAT'S RIGHT WE WON.

After this was announced so much hugging, and screaming and crying went on that it was crazy. I can't even begin to tell you how much this mean to my senior class, and my school. My heart literally exploded. I cried and hugged my best friends. It's just such an amazing experience. I wish that everyone knew just how awesome it felt. I still can't stop smiling. It's just so awesome. 

We did it. We freaking won. We brought back the trophy fair and square. 

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