Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Oscars

So, I'm guilty of watching the Oscars, and when I say watching I mean leaving it on all day since 1:00pm so that I can check out all the latest fashions and nonsense. I'm not usually into these kinds of things, but this year I actually decided to watch the awards show. It was great. I'll definitly be watching again next year. Now, for my favorite part: the fashions. 

Ana Kendrick: I love, love, loved her dress! I thought it was beautiful and that she looked gorgeous!
Anna Kendrick

Kristen Stewart: Although I didn't really love her dress, my jaw hit the floor when I saw that not only was she wearing a dress, but she was wearing a LONG dress. If only she could learn to stand up straight...I guess one step at a time. 
Kriste  Stewart

Amanda Seyfried: This girl can do no wrong in my eyes. 
Amanda Seyfried

Rachel McAdams: I fell in love with her during The Notebook, and ever since then I've loved her ever since. I love this dress on her. It's beautiful. 
Rachel McAdams


Anonymous said...

i want rachel mcadams' dress.

Anonymous said...

Brat. I love you.


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