Friday, March 5, 2010


So it's Challenge Day. Needless to say I've been up since 5:40ish. We went to CC's (community coffee for those who aren't from Louisiana) and got a huge coffee and a muffin. We got to school at about 6:30 and ran to Senior Lot. We had a huge dance party, underclass men were walking around doing everyone's eye makeup (glitter eye makeup) and screamed and had a blast. The boys set up a "Man Cabin" at someones house directly across from Senior Lot. We had a few bears tied to sticks (our brother school aka the boy's we'll be challenging tonight are the bears) and one of the senior girls even had a huge valentines bear with a hole all the way through with a red stick and had even spray painted red next to the hole to make it bloody. (Our "mascot" is the "Red Stick"). 

At about 6:50 we all ran into the gym to practice for tonights games. The amount of adrenaline that is pumping through all of our bodies is amazing. There are about 1,000 girls and we're all so excited to beat the boys and take our trophy back! We've been screaming and running around and the day's just  begun!

Also, on another note, it's sweet-tooth day. This is the day when the freshman give their big sisters (the seniors) a huge basket of candy and other things. The seniors and freshmen are put into groups at the beginning of the year (big sis/lil sis) and we do things with each other throughout the year. I must say I have some of the best little sisters that there are. Our group is awesome. 

I'll keep this updated throughout the day, however I don't expect to get much done!

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DIANA DYE said...

Oh wow! I love this post so informative, Sweet tooth day that’s just so sweet! And I love your last post on Amanda Seyfried I love her!!I have a major obsession with her long healthy locks.
This girl has the best hair ever I want my hair to be this long, well my hair isn’t short but it is definitely not this long. Yes I did watch “Mama Mia which” was an ok movie but I loved her hair in that film, she has curly hair but in very thin and separate chucks so lovely!
Cute blog!♥


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