Saturday, August 14, 2010

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand"


Have you ever thought about the significance of holding hands? When you first like someone and you find out they like you back, one of the first steps to intimacy is holding hands. After the first time you hold hands with someone, comes the kissing and nicknames and all that other cute stuff. When you hold hands with someone, it’s like you’re telling them “I like you. I trust you. I’d like to show the world that you mean something to me”. Holding hands is such a small gesture with a big meaning. Whether you’re having a bad day or feeling sad — once your significant other grabs your hand and interlaces their fingers with your own, everything suddenly feels okay. It’s like, just by holding hands, it suddenly warms your whole body up with joy. 

This is why for me, holding hands with someone (esp in public) is a BIG deal. If you can’t even do the simple act of holding my hand, just forget it. I guess I don’t mean much to you. If you don’t wanna kiss me? That’s fine. But if you unexpectedly grab my hand and interlock your fingers with mine, I’ll be happy. That’s enough for me. I won’t need anything else because I have my world literally right in the palm of my hands.

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