Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hair Colors...

I have obnoxious red hair...and no, it's not natural. I've loved dying my hair ever since I can remember. The first time I even put ANYTHING in my hair was when I was 11 years old, at my Aunt's house in New York. I came home with slightly reddish hair, and my mother flipped. It was funny to me at the time....

Well, recently I've been (continuing to) play with hair dye. However, I'm going to be in a wedding in June, a strict Italian Catholic wedding to be exact, and I think the bride's mother might just kill me if I had obnoxious red hair in the wedding photos...I don't think the priest would be too thrilled either.

So this weekend sometime I will be attempting to dye my hair to get most the red color out...I know the weddings in June, but I want to be sure that the color is right and not too obnoxious, plus I have to like the color. I thinking of going to a light/medium brown, auburn, or maybe even back to blonde.

Who knows...we'll see how it turns out this weekend!

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