Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday ! Friday ! Friday !

Theres a blog called The Little Things We Do  and she does a fill in the blank  Friday. So, for this friday: 

1.   Fridays are   meant to hang out and be lazy. Cuddle up with someone you love and have a movie marathon. 

2.  Flavored Iced Tea, warm days, friends laughter and being in love  make me terribly happy.

3.  Something that inspires me is falling deep into amazing books, listening to music, driving with the windows down, and laughing with friends.

4.  If I had the day off today I would : I do have the day off today! So I'm sleeping until 10, getting dressed, picking up my cousin and boyfriend and going to the family crawfish boil!

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is  traditional with a hint of modern. It's hard to say really since I don't have my own place yet and I'm kind of just living in my room with everything that I own. 

6.  Concerning politics I would say I'm   as of right now, nothing. I'm not huge into politics, and definitely need to learn more about it before I can classify myself as anything.

7.  I'd like to go to       Italy      so I could  soak up all the culture and one day teach English or History in Italy! 


Nesha said...

oooh i love the first one, that's exactly what i feel like doing right now!


wilybrunette said...

mmmm. i'd like to go to italy too. take me with you?!


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