Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Recently, (read: yesterday), I signed up for Netflix. The first month or few weeks or something was free so I figured why not! Oh my goodness. I'm completely in love with silly netflix now. It's crazy. I love the fact that I can watch any movie, tv series or anything right at the tip of my finger tips. (I'm all about instant gratification). Plus, it's only 9 bucks a month. And I have a group of really great, amazing movie buff friends. K is 21, her fiancee G is 26 (most darling couple ever, btw), J is 24 and R is 25 (maybe?). Well, I became close with them when I was working with K and J at the bakery. Now I absolutely adore them. However, they're huge movie buffs. They have a few years on me too, so this is a great way for me to (sadly attempt) to catch up!

I've started arrested development (one of their favorite shows) and I've finished all of Season 1! Now on to the next one!

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