Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Week or Two

Last week went by really quickly. Monday I had work & class all day from 7:15-4:30 (a full day, to say the least), and then I have sorority meetings on Monday at 6pm that usually last until 7:30-8. Then on Tuesday's I go to class/work from 8:30-4:30, so Tuesday's aren't usually that bad. Then on Wednesdays I only have class from 9:30-10:30 then 12:30-4:30. Thursday's I have class/work from 8:30-6 (again, not really that bad since I'm at work from 12-6). And on Friday's I have another long day with class/work from 7:15-6pm. Plus in there I have to find time 5 hours a week to go to this thing called mathlab (which isn't open on Saturday's, and only open on Sunday's from 5-9). But again, it's not really that bad. I'm keeping busy to say the least. (: 

As far as classes go I absoltuely love my Architecture class. Although it's the most stressful thing in the world, I love it love it love it. We went to class on Wednesday and got a project due Friday. I had to stay in the Studio on Wednesday from 12:30 (when class starts) till 5:00 the next morning, in which I got my entire project done so it was worth it and I didn't have to go in on Thursday. We then got another project on Friday that was due today (Monday). I only had to spend a few hours (from 9pm-3am) in the Studio on Friday and then another few hours (8pm-12pm). SO it's been interesting. 

I love love love both of my Anthropology 1001 and 2015 classes. 1001 is an Introduction to Physical Anthropology and then 2015 is an Introduction to Archeology. Both of my professors are really awesome. I actually know people in both classes as well. I think I may end up minoring in Anthropology, but who knows we shall see. 

Math 1023 is not my favorite class in the world but I need it (yay pre-cal) -_-. It's not that it's difficult but it's just aggravating trying to remember everything and pretty much teach myself. Plus the whole being in mathlab for 5 hours a week isn't the most fun thing in the world, but it's all good. 

So all in all everythings been going really well. I'm finding time to eat at least one meal a day (one huge meal at that) and megan and I are getting along really well. I like having a busy schedule because it keeps me busy (haha) and it's good to have time's in the morning when I'm forced to get up and go to work but we're not crazy busy so I can get a lot done. 

Work is going really well. Now that the first week of school is over we've slowed down a little bit but it's not been too bad! I still sometimes don't know the answers to questions but it's okay because I'm still learning. I get along with everyone here really well and all in all it's just a fun place to work ! (: 

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