Thursday, December 15, 2011

Broke? Me Too.

As I'm sure we're all aware of, college is expensive. Now, I don't know about you but I spend a pretty decent amount of money on books and other school supplies, much before even thinking about the other bills and such I have to pay. I have two jobs that most definitely help out with all my expenses, but they're not "real world jobs", so they don't pay for everything. Especially during the winter season, with Christmas drawing near, I find sometimes it's difficult to get everyone the gifts that you want or go out and do everything that you want. But! I've compiled a short list of things that 9/10 times you can get at least a discount on! 

Free gym membership! Okay, so it's not technically free because it's paid for in your student fee's but you can use it whenever you want! Our Rec is awesome, and they always offer so many classes. This year, I did a few pi-yo classes and even a zumba class or two!

Sickly Centers: Okay, so it sounds so much better than Health Center or Infirmary. We have doctors and nurses there and it's always the closest thing to go to when I'm sick or have cuts (I like to call them battle wounds) from walking around on campus during game day. 

Cafeteria Food: Now, I hate cafeteria food, but sometimes it's just too close to pass up on. Plus, it's there for you (and sometimes you need a little junk food). 

Movie Tickets: Most movie theaters, or at least all the one's that I have been too, offer a student discount. It isn't much, but sometimes all you have is $8 in your bank account and you really just want to go see a movie. It's worth it, I promise. 

Major Electronics: Being in college, it's always a good time to buy electronics. Why, you may ask? Because of the ridiculous discounts that most offer. My MacBook Pro was  a lot cheaper, and I got it with a printer and an iPod touch. Plus, the university provides us with the necessary tools for our computers for class, like Microsoft programs, so we don't have to buy them!

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Kendra said...

these are all perks that I miss now that I'm not a student! where I was in LA you could donate blood and they gave you 3 free movie tickets! 3! See if a donation center around you has a deal like that :)


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