Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things I'll Go Home For

I'm 19 years old. Living [on my own] with two roommates in an older house right off campus (read: 10 minutes away). Now, I go to college in the town that I grew up in, on the opposite side of town but in the same town none-the-less. Now that I've been in a house by myself (with no parents to care for my every whim and need), I've realized there are things that I most certainly take for granted while living at home.

The heater. I live in an older house, one that is not particularly well insulated and we only turn our heater/air conditioner on every now and then (so we don't run up our electricity bill). We've invested in heating blankets, lots of socks, sweatshirts, and most definitely tights. It'll be a long winter, that's for sure.

Free food/pre-made meals: Now, I've cooked a decent amount of meals at the house, but nothing is as good as coming down the hall to a home cooked meal. I truly miss my mom and dads cooking when I'm stuck at the house/in a massive state of doing homework/studying. It takes a lot more effort than I ever imagined just to make dinner for myself.

Cable. When we moved into the house, we chose only to get internet (mainly because I'm paying for my own bills and cable is expensive). I don't watch T.V. at all really now a days, simply because we don't have cable, but when I go home I love just to see what's on.

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