Friday, November 4, 2011

Annnnd I'm back!

Slowly but surely I'll be back, updating regularly, back to reading my favorite blogs, etc. This semester has been kicking my butt, to say the least. I'm taking 19 hours, working 23, just got a second job (for the weekends), in a sorority and trying to fit in family time and boyfriend time. Needless to say I've been great at organizing everything in my life (hello OCD), but my poor little blog fell on the back burner. Soon I'll be updating on my life and every little thought that comes to mind. 

In the mean time I'll leave you with this: 

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erinj0 said...

Oh girl, I was exactly in your boat when I was in my first four-five years of college!! The whole shabang, too. Sorority, 18 credit, 35 hours working, you CAN DO IT!

I just stumbled across your blog & glad I did :) I hope you have a great end to your semester!!!



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