Monday, November 7, 2011

Never Gonna Give You Up

Once upon a time I drank coffee like it was nobody's business. Then the unthinkable happened. I gave up all forms of caffeine, especially coffee (reason being I was way too dependent on it to keep me awake/not grumpy). So after about six weeks of caffeine headaches, I did it! I was home free. Now, don't get me wrong. I still love coffee, and drink it sparingly but now I drink tea more often. Obsessed, just slighty. But a slight obsession is good every now and then, right? After spending more money than I would like to admit on tea and coffee from random places such as PJs, Starbucks and CC's I have finally invested in random teas from different stores. Now that I have a plethera of tea, it will actually be the new challenge to wake up in the morning and make it myself, rather than to buy it at school.


erinj0 said...

I literally depend on caffeine to help my headaches! I love it all; tea, coffee, you name it :)

What are some of your favorite teas? I find it hard sometimes because I love the bitterness of coffee and some teas are too sweet!

Maria said...

Usually I drink a lot of black teas, like Earl Grey or British Breakfast but recently my roommates and I have been starting to drink a lot of white teas such as Mango flavored or Orange flavored!

I usually never put any sugar in my tea, unless it's just regular old sweet tea (my momma makes the best), so a lot of the teas I drink tend to be a lot more bitter (especially the black teas!)


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