Monday, January 17, 2011

New Orleans Weekend

I spent this last long weekend before school starts with my boyfriend in New Orleans. He's in school down there so the purpose of the trip was to get him settled back into his apartment and spend some time together before we both have to go a month without seeing each other (in person that is; we always do skype dates at night before we go to sleep). 

Friday I didn't get off of work until 7:30, so we didn't leave town till about 8:45-9. By the time we got to Nola we were both exhausted so we brought everything in and then went to sleep.

Saturday, we slept until about 10ish and then watched How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 alllll day. But really, it took us all day to watch half the season because we'd watch one episode and then fall asleep for 20 minutes. And then repeat the process. 

By the time Sunday rolled around we really wanted to go into the heart of the city. We walked (literally) across New Orleans and back, stopping and taking pictures every now and then. Really, we spent a good 6-7 hours out there. Then we went to this adorable little gelato place and split a scoop of mint gelato (it was delicious to say the least). 

Monday brought on a day of packing and organizing. We made one last trip to walmart to get everything we forgot and then headed home. Boyfriend packed my bags back in my car and I headed home. 

I'd have to say it was a successful trip. 

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