Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recently Seen

So I've seen two movies, a while back, that I haven't blogged about...BUT now I am, and so it's forgiven. The first movie that I've watched was The Business of Being Born: 

I loved this movie. It's about the different types of birthing and the different experiences. It goes to show how birthing is a business. It starts Ricki Lake and her experience as well as a few other couples who decide how to give birth by themselves. It goes behind hospitals vs. home birth. It gives you a lot of information of how everything works. It's mainly focused in New York City. I say watch it, especially if you're expecting. 

Next, I saw Babies:

I loved this movie, absolutely loved it. It's a documentary filmed all over the world in different parts of different oceans. It goes to show you the beauty and the dark side of the oceans. It's a gorgeous film. You get to see so many unique creatures and they tell you about them as well. I would say watch it just because of how pretty it is. 

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