Friday, June 10, 2011

Roo Day 2!

Today is Day 2 at Roo! Today we're tenative to see: 

Either Grace Potter and the Nocturnals OR Matt & Kim
I haven't heard much about them, but they both sound really good from what I've heard.

Grace Potter:


The Decemberistis: 
People call me crazy, but I'm not a huge fan. I like them, but they make me sleepy! Still excited, nonetheless.

Florence and the Machine: 
So. Much. Excitement. I cannot even explain to you how excited I am for this. I lvoe Florence. So much. Honestly, going just to see Florence and the whole camping thing with friends would be enough for me! 

I have no clue about them. They're just one of those random bands that I decided would be cool! 

Arcade Fire:
Oh my gosh. Elliot's favorite band, well one of them. I like them a lot. They're amazing. So excited to see them as well.

Big Boi: 
I don't know much about him but Elliot loves him so it's all good. It'll be a good show!

and last but not least: Ratatat
So excited for this one as well! This should be such a good show. So. Excited.

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