Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Close!

So today is the day, the day before we leave to go to Roo! I am so freaking excited to spend the next six days with some of my closest friends getting to know them better and getting to see a lot of our favorite bands! We've done the shopping, gotten my dads tent all checked out, and packed my bags! Now the only thing left to do is to pack up all the cars and head out on the road! I've got a few scheduled posts for when I'm gone and cut off from everyone and everything.


katecreate said...

Have fun at Bonaroo.

D e g a i n e said...

great post and blog! enjoy ur time

d e g a i n e


Ashley said...

FUNNNNN! i dont know what roo means, but it sounds like a party! :)

Isabel said...

have fun!


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