Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Documentary Kick?

As of  lately I've been obsessed with documentaries. I really do just love watching them and learning about so many different new things. One of the first documentaries that I watched was one called Freak-o-Nomics. 

Freak-o-nomics was suggested to me by one of my close friends CA. It talks about combinding pop culture with economics. It dabbles in a little bit of sociology and anthropology, which is one of my majors currently. It was originally a book that has been documented into a documentary. If you ever get a chance, I highly suggest watching it. If you have netflix, it's on instant play. (Which is such a godsend). 

The next documentary that I watched was called Exit Through the Gift Shop. 

This documentary was about how a French shop keeper/"film maker" tries to find and befriend local graffiti artists and stumbles across Banksy. One of the most renowned graffiti artists today. This documentary really opened my eyes to street art and made me really appreciate a lot of it. It was so awesome being able to see how some of the most famous graffiti artists go about making up and posting their art. Definitely a must watch, and also on Netflix instant stream. 

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[SMASH] said...

I need to watch both of these. Check out The Parking Lot Movie on streaming Netflix... pretty cool doc!


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