Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recently Seen:

Thanks to Netflix and my boyfriend, I've seen a ton of movies as of recently. Netflix because it's a godsend when I'm trying to do homework or just when I'm bored. Boyfriend is a Film and French major, so his love for movies is of course very prominent. Two movies that we have watched recently include The Virgin Suicides and The Social Network

The Virgin Suicides: Okay, let's be honest. I'm not a huge movie buff like boyfriend is. However, this movie came highly recommended from our friend Kiki. Without going into great detail, the movie is about five sisters who live under their mothers insanely strict rule. Honestly, I don't see how the mother is so strict, a lot of the time it just bothered me how strict she was. Anyways, the movie was good. Boyfriend had a few "technical" problems with it, but he is a film major. It's what I expect from him. There were a few parts that made me cringe, but then again I'm silly when it comes to watching movies. All in all I'd say go for it. 

The Social Network: This was a movie that I was interested in seeing in theaters, but never got around to it (I have a lot of those). So, when I went over to boyfriends house one day he suggested we watch it and I greatly agreed. The movie is about the making of Facebook and the law suits it went through after it was launched. The movie was fantastic, after all it did win 3 Oscars. It was a little tough for me to follow at times because he spoke so fast. Overall it was an excellent movie. 

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KiKi said...

ah I'm glad you watched it! I plan on reading the book.


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