Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, one thing is for sure. That would be that I had a fantastic week/weekend. This past week was my boyfriends Spring Break/Mardi Gras Vacation. I only had Monday and Tuesday (and part of Wednesday) off but I spent most of Monday and part of Wednesday working. So, boyfriend came into town and stayed the whole time, this was a very rare occasion. 

The rest of my weekdays were filled to the brim with homework, studying, and cleaning. Then the weekend came. At first, I didn't think that this weekend was going to be busy. Boy was I wrong. You see, Friday Boyfriend and I just hung out, ran errands and went to bed somewhat early (read: midnight). Then we had to wake up SUPER EARLY Saturday morning (read: 8am). So we woke up super early and were supposed to go eat breakfast with my friend Kiki (who runs this little blog). But, due to sickness she was unable to make it :( 

She's so incredibly kind and beautiful. Love her. SO, after we ran back to my dorm, we had to hurry and pack up a bag for the weekend, run errands with boyfriend and then head to New Orleans for our friends Kristen and Greg's engagement shower. The shower was beautiful. It was a night shower, so we had to get dressed up. Boyfriend wore a button down shirt and a sweater, and I of course was wear a dress and flats (boyfriend isn't much taller than me so I don't usually wear heels). 

(This is not a picture from this weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera. BUT it is a picture of boyfriend and I) 

All in all it was a fun weekend. We ended up not getting home till late Saturday night and then woke up early Sunday (read: 11am ish) and I had to drive back home so I could get some homework done. 

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KiKi said...

awwwhwhhhhhh I love you!!! and next time I'll make it:)


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