Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Late] Weekend Wrap Up!

This past weekend was SO full of events. Friday, I had Iniation for the new members [yay!], a really good friend coming in town that I had to see and to go and pick out paint swatches with my little sister. Saturday was full of St. Patty's Day Parade, Habitat for Humanity for Greek Week, and Olive Garden. Finally, Sunday was SRW [Spring Recruitment Workshop] and Dress Check (all of which I will explain in later posts!) So, needless to say this weekend was super busy and chock full of Theta things!

[This is my good friend S. She's a newly initiated member of Theta. Gotta love her. My main job was making sure she didn't fall off the ladder]

I promise I'll post detailed posts later, just so exhausted right now! Here are a few pictures from Habitat for Humanity! 

Almost the entire group of girls who were working this shift were girls from Theta. I'm so proud of everyone who was there, taking time out of their day to help out some really great people. 

Me and my best friend S. Gotta make sure you sign the wavier. 

Oh you know, just goofing off!

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