Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Past Weekend...

This past weekend was Kappa Alpha Theta's formal, which is basically when the new members of the sorority are presented into the community, aka our family and friends. Honestly, I had a blast (as did boyfriend! Which was an amazing shock to me). Boyfriend isn't exactly a fan of the whole sorority thing, but he set everything aside for the night and had an amazing time. 

It seems as if the majority of pictures from formal I'm either laughing, or smiling really big. 

Oh by the way, I'm blondish again! (See far right)

Abbs, the girl on the left, and I have been friends since fourth grade. She's truly one of my best friends. Sam, the girl on the right, is one of my newer friends. They're both beautiful

My Dad, looking all snazzy and such!

Dad and Boyfriend. So silly.

Myself, Abby and Samantha

A group shot of some of my favorite girls.

As I said, laughing a lot; we messed up the Theta Kite, but nobody really noticed.

One of my favorite pictures; two of my very best frineds

And again, pretty dresses.

And last but not least, my absolute favorite picture from the night. 
I'm sad that I don't have any with my mom on my computer, but hopefully I'll get them soon! 
Just thought I should share a few pictures. I'm still happy from this weekend. 


Young People in Love said...

OK So I HAVE to ask you how you got your hair so awesomely red??? LOVE it.

Maria said...

It was actually a complete accident! My hair is naturally blonde and last summer I dyed it fire engine red, literally. I'm in a wedding in June and needed to get it back to a normal color. So I dyed it brownish, liked it a little but missed my blonde hair terribly. So since it was kind of auburn, we put bleach in my hair to make it blonde again and it turned this color!

My friends and I actually did everything ourselves, not really knowing how it's going to turn out !


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