Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You READY!?

We have this day here at my school called Challenge Day. We'll since we go to an all girls school and there's a all boys school about two blocks away. Boys vs. Girls. Picture this: 600 girls running toward you, yelling as loud as they can and just hyped up as can be. And that's only a little bit of what goes on.  As you can already believe things get mighty tense. Well instead of having a homecoming week (it's an all girls school, who really cares) we have Challenge Week. It is possibly the best week of the entire year (besides graduation of course). Here's just a little insight of how next week will go. Magical Monday, Toddler Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday, TI-84 Thursday (Nerd Day), Challenge Day is Friday. I am beyond excited for this. I mean, besides being my last challenge day ever, the girls WILL dominate the boys (even though the boys cheat all the time). I'll be sure to keep you updated! 


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