Thursday, February 11, 2010

Casey O'Connell

So I randomly stumbled upon this artist named Casey O'Connell while doing some random searching the other day. The thing is, now I'm obsessed. I absolutely love her artwork. The good thing about it is, her prints are actually affordable (some ranging from 14.95!). I can't stop looking at her artwork and randomly obsessing over it...To the right is a painting she's done called When Freckles Collide. Now, it doesn't really have the white X over it, that's just because I stole the picture off a website, but still.  Although now I live with my dad, and the next few years I'll live in a dorm/apartment while in college, I cannot wait to have a house all to myself that I can decorate however I want to! Check out more of her artwork here! It's absolutely fantastic! I'm more into her 2008-2010 collection than I am of her 2006-2007, but don't get me wrong, it's all so wonderful!

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