Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning -- The Body Issue

Okay, so recently I've been feeling kinda down lately. It's possibly because of the fact that Louisiana's weather keeps changing. Yesterday, for example, was BEAUTIFUL! It was about 65ish degrees and I could ride with my windows down and just blare my music and be happy. Well, I woke up this morning and guess what; it was a whooping 35 degrees. Yes. That's right 35 DEGREES. So I've decided that this week, when I have time (haha) sometime that I'm going to go to wholefoods and get this 365 Everyday Value Body Cleanse. 
I may have time Wednesday, after the eyedoctor and picking up my check and before dance, to go and run in and get it. It's only $16.99, which is cheap for a body cleanse (some can run up to $1600 A MONTH). It's only a two week deal that consists of taking pills in the morning and the evening. I figure while I'm on this "healthy" kick, that I'd run to the supermarket and get some vitamins and fish oil (which is supposed to be really good for you). Now, if I can only remember to take everything, I should be feeling better in no time! 


Anonymous said...


Who's that Gamine? said...

i am so glad i found your blog- you live in Louisiana? You're so lucky...

I've been dying to go there since I was about 9 and I learned the history of New Orleans.

Thanks for letting me follow!


Maria said...

Abs - I'd totally do it with you! I just want to make sure it's legit and that I can do it without medical complications/worries! I don't want to get sick from it or anything...


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