Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

So the blog's title is called A Day In The Life, so I only see it fit to write about a Monday in my life. 

5:30am - My father walks in, "Maria, it's half an hour till." ... I'm well aware dad, thanks. 
5:45am - My dad comes in again, "Maria, it's a quarter till" "DAD I KNOW" 
5:50am - My alarm begins to blare T-Pain to wake me up. I groan and roll over and shut it off. 
5:55am - My alarm once begins to sing to me. This time I get up and turn on my lights while thinking to myself "just fiveee more minutes"
6:00am - I slowly make my way out of bed and begin to put on my uniform, while attempting to make sure I have on the correct socks and such. 
6:10am - I walk out to my car in haste while trying to remember if I have any homework from the past week and a day we had off. I drive to go and wait for the girl I bring to school to be dropped off. 
6:25am - Holly finnally gets there and we get on our way to school while listening to our favorite morning show, Kid Kraddic in the Morning 
6:50am - We make it to school, however, we don't want to get out and face the day that we have ahead so we chill in the car for about 10 more minutes. Finally when 7:00am rolls around we find the strength to get out of the car and head to breakfast. 20 minutes. Just enough time to do that physics homework I had been putting off for the last week and a day.
7:20am - The second bell rings and then announcements come on. 
7:25am: English - Our teacher, who is usually jacked up on coffee, is absent today. So we have a crap-ton of busy work. Oh boy. We're supposed to be reading and taking notes on Paradise Lost by Milton. Instead of doing this, however, I decided to email some friends and catch up on my daily dose of gossip. 
8:20am: World History - I absolutely hate this class. Not the class itself, however, it's the teacher I hate. She treats us like we are two years old and is generally a crazy person. Of course, as I go into this class, she attempts to greet me and make me smile. This of course only makes it worse. After repeating herself about 20 times, she decides were going to watch a movie and fill in questions on it. Of course it's an "educational" movie...worst...ever... 
9:22am: Adult Responsibility: Today is the first day I have EVER gotten lost at SJA. Now, let me explain. Recently the convent has been under construction, so more rooms have been added and it's totally confusing. So, I'm just walking around the convent extremely confused. I got there about 5 minutes late, but it was okay because I wasn't the latest one. During class, we didn't do much just worked on our project. It's called the "Apartment Finder" and it's supposed to prepare us for life and such...
10:17am: Lunch: That's right. Lunch. I have lunch at 10 in the morning...While eating my red beans and rice, I went from fashion website to fashion website. My only time during the day to just relax. 
11:12am Math: Review, review, review. That's all we're going to be doing for the next two days to prepare us for our HUGE test. Oh boy! After reviewing we had a worksheet to help us understand. 
12:07am: Computer Architecture - Today was a busy busy day at the help desk. We had so much to do and there were a crazy amount of computers that needed to be re-imaged and set up. Working in the help desk is fun because I get to learn so much about computers and how to fix them! 
1:02pm: World Religions - This week we're learning about Christianity. Not that difficult since we already answered 42 questions while we were off. Today we went through some of the questions and really got into the nitty-gritty of the bible and disciples and the background of the Catholic religion. But mostly, it's not that difficult, it's quite easy to read blogs and vogue and fashion online while answering questions. Yay multitasking. 
1:57: Physics - The dreaded physics class. Now, it wouldn't be dreaded but my teacher is a complete air head sometimes, and other times she leaves class 30 minutes early. Now, don't get me wrong, I love having time off to do whatever I want. But then again, it's difficult to take a test on information you know nothing of. Today was no different. She left, 15 minutes into class. Left us with busy work, which I didn't do...
2:47pm - The final bell rings and I rush out of the classroom so that I can get to work somewhat on time. Once I finally got to work, it was a SLOWWW day. When I say slow, I mean slow as molasses. 
8:20pm - Home at last. Don't be fooled though. That doesn't mean sleep and shower. That means that I have a mountain of homework to do and then I'll be able to go to sleep..

And there you have it. One day in my life. Think you can handle it? I know I can't sometimes 

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