Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy Day Dreams

Product Image Zenia Rain Boots- BlackSo, I've decided recently that, seeing I'll be heading off to college next year a good investment will be rain boots. After what it feels like searching and searching online for the perfect rain boots I've decided to take my search to the city. Now, first stop, who knows (but that makes it all the more fun anyways). Also, I'm someone that you'll never catch dead in a zebra print rain boots or even a pattern. I'm going to stick to a nice solid color (and some liners for the times Louisiana actually decides to get a little colder). Hopefully, I'll be successful in my quest to find the perfect boots. I'm kind of liking these ones from target, nice and simple. 


olive juice photography said...

those are cute.. you should check out red hunter boots. so chic and cute.. and they last a LONG time! :)

Maria said...

I checked them out and they're absolutely the perfect rain boots! I especially love the vibrancy of the red!


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